Business Dynamics

Office Space Demand Employment Change 2010 to 2015

Source: Moody's
Special calculation of those industries with high demand for offices and based on employment growth; produced by
  2010 2015 Pct. Change
Randolph Co.1,9682,27715.7 %
Workforce Region5,8916,3087.1 %
West Virginia140,745145,8263.6 %
U.S.30,196,97232,690,7368.3 %

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Retail Sales Change 2010 to 2016

Source: Moody's
Annual estimate from based on Census Bureau estimates of the retail sector.
  2010 2016 Pct. Change
Randolph Co.$365,025,344$474,412,12830.0 %
Workforce Region$1,102,490,408$1,451,056,66431.6 %
West Virginia$22,478,514,176$30,013,368,32033.5 %
U.S.$4,306,554,847,232$5,866,251,091,96836.2 %

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