Our business climate is favorable for doing business

West Virginia is a Right-to-Work state with one of the lowest workers compensation rates in the country. The state offers a large variety of incentives for business that put it on the top of the list for any company seeking a location for new or expanding operations. Taxes have also been steadily declining in recent years making West Virginia a great state to do business in.


Randolph County’s favorable business climate offers additional advantages for companies locating here. Our fiscally conservative county commission works hard to keep local taxes low. And, with no zoning outside the incorporated municipalities, businesses can build more quickly and easily in Randolph County than in other areas of the country where local zoning can slow construction and drive up costs.


If you’re looking for a great place to locate your new business, Randolph County is the place to start. We’re standing by, ready to help connect you with the perfect combination of local resources and state incentives to help keep your costs low and your profits high.


Contact us today to see how easy it is to do business in Randolph County, West Virginia!