We offer some of the lowest utility costs in the nation

Randolph County, West Virginia offers some of the lowest utility costs in the nation, making the area especially attractive to businesses with significant energy and water needs.


Our natural resources include several rivers and streams running through the county offering great opportunities for food processing companies, beverage makers, and other industries that rely on abundant, high quality water supplies. These industries will find what they need in Randolph County. Our drinking water systems can offer access to up to 3.8 million gallons per day of excess clean water and storage capacity of an additional 4.5 million gallons.


Much of the county is served by the Elkins Wastewater Treatment Plant, which has the capacity to treat an annual average daily wastewater flow of 4.99 million gallons per day (MGD).


If yours is an energy-intensive business, Randolph County has that covered, too. First Energy, our power provider, runs 138,000 volts at the transmission lines, and offers three-phase 12,470 volts to businesses. Redundant or loop feeds are available.


Mountaineer Gas and Columbia Gas offer significant natural gas supplies, most of which are delivered at 45 pounds per square inch, fed via four-inch plastic lines. Redundant feeds are also available in most areas of the county ensuring continuous supply.


Randolph County’s utility rates will help you keep your costs low so your business can thrive. See for yourself – just click on the links below.