Randolph County West Virginia is know for its hardwood industries

With millions of acres of well-managed hardwood forests, it’s no surprise that Randolph County West Virginia has become known for its hardwood industries. Our forests provide a vast and continuously renewable supply of red oak, white oak, cherry, yellow poplar, hard maple, and soft maple capable of supporting a large variety of wood-related industries. Manufacturers of flooring, cabinets, furniture, custom-milled wood products, fireplace wood pellets, charcoal and other wood-related products will find everything they need here.


Workers here take enormous pride in their hardwoods industry. Randolph County is home to a large number of highly skilled woodworkers – many of them with a long family tradition of fine craftsmanship.

Randolph County Schools, the Randolph Technical Center, and the West Virginia Wood Technology Center are helping to keep this tradition alive and thriving with programs in carpentry, mill and cabinetry, design, and related subjects. Students emerge from these programs excited and ready to apply their skills in any number of hardwoods related businesses – ensuring a capable and motivated workforce ready for the future.


Randolph County’s tradition in the hardwood industry and access to several generations of highly skilled woodworkers provide a strong foundation for today’s hardwoods industries to build on.

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